About KolkataFish

About Kolkata Fish

About KolkataFish


The best part about KolkataFish, is it’s exceptional venture from ‘Catch’ to ‘Kitchen’ in and around Kolkata and Hooghly.

Kolkata Fish, the online Fish store serves Fresh Water fishes as well as seafood with premium quality Prawns which is ‘As good as Live’ with all the goodness of nutrients stored in it.

Unlike flesh/meat which may be processed in the shop you buy, or from the nearest Slaughter house, Fish in reality, comes to you from various locations along the coasts, as in all over West Bengal, Gujarat, Mumbai, Orissa, Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Kerala, Mangalore, Chennai etc.

You may now calculate the distance and the time it takes to reach you, especially in this tropical weather but the freshness is as good as the freshness of a live fish. And that is the one and only USP of and about Kolkata Fish.

That is not just it about KolkataFish.  We simply DO NOT keep any secrecy, which you would only come to know if you trust on us. We have a very strong motive of keeping the trust we would gain of our valued customers, and at no cost loose it.

“Had you ever have a fish at your Lunch or Dinner, you know the exact difference between Fish and Fishy”

Scroll a bit down and get your first feelings on WHY CHOOSE US?

Why Choose Us

Total Transparency

There would be nothing, simply nothing which would be kept secret from you as our valued customer that is of our customer’s concern, which you can only validate if you are trusting on us for just once and we take it up from there to strengthen the trust more. 

Flexi & Secure Payment

Kolkata Fish offers you flexible payment options such as Cash on Delivery,            

Pre-payment or on delivery by Credit / Debit cards, Paytm/Phone Pe/Google Pay, Internet Banking as well and we don’t store your card or any key information.

24/7 Support

We always intend to be just a Ping/Call away from our valued customers. Any issues faced by our customers will be treated on highest priority and we also intend to resolve any valid concerns raised within 72 hours of time and if we fail to, we refund your money back. 

Continuous Feedback

We believe, a business is as good as the customer’s trust and satisfaction.

Having said that, we would always keep a tab on your satisfaction level on Kolkata Fish. 

So, we follow a genuine and continuous feedback  process which would help us meet our valued customer’s demand and be the first choice.

Convenient Delivery Slots

Our delivery slots has been finalized based on the fact that a Healthy life style is always built on the healthy food time. 

We offer 2 delivery slots, whichever you choose will allow you enough time to cook and stick to a healthy food time.

Easy Storage

The state-of-art packaging we follow, makes it easy to store fish without any blood or water dripping, so you can use our products as per your convenience. Buy and cook as per your convenience.

Price advantage & Net Weight

We deliver incomparable quality at local market price. 

We know the pain of paying for the price of whole fish, then get it cleaned and cut, following which the finished product would weigh a lot less than the whole fish, wherein after cutting the Whole fish, the Wastage could range from 25% for example in case of White Pomfret to 60%, in case you are buying a fish fillet.

Here at Kolkata Fish, you are paying only for the exact weight of the Fish you BUY, and you cook this Fish without any further wastage.

We save your Time



We very well know and understand  the pain to go out and roam around in market and then choose a fish and bargain to get what you need for correct price. 

We say, let us take that hassle so that you do not do time consuming trips to markets which allows you to spend more time for ‘life’ and save money in your ‘wallets’.

We would only love to see you cook a fresh fish delivered by us, with the help of varieties of recipes we keep posting on our Recipe Section.

Hassle free cooking



A hassle free cooking is a Happy cooking. 

We deliver you a Ready to cook product from our store based on your choice which saves the hassle of cleaning, cutting and comes with simply ‘zero” wastage.

As soon as you have been delivered, your loved choice, turn on the stove, heat the pan and there you go. Start Cooking. 

Enjoy your Fish, Enjoy Kolkata Fish.