Why do you say that your products are chemical-free?

Our core mission is to provide chemical-free, unadulterated food to consumers. We take great pains to ensure that we go directly to the fishermen or farmers without any middlemen in between and buy the freshest of fresh food straight from the source. Further, we follow the most modern & scientific transportation and packaging processes from source till your door steps. This ensures that the required temperature and other conditions for healthy preservation of meats is met using nothing but natural ice as the preservative.

How do you manage to deliver it so fresh?

Simple – we procure the day’s catch from our trusted vendors and bring it to our well oiled processing center. Which are then immediately processed under chilled condition and then it gets delivered to your door steps under environmentally controlled packing.

Are your meats Halal Cut?

Yes all of our meats are 100% halal cut by human beings in the proper Halal methodology. The primary benefit with the Halal methodology is that the blood is completely let out from the bird which makes the meat stay longer and is more healthier.