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Golda Chingri (Giant River Prawn) Extra Large-Whole, Deveined & Cleaned (1 Kg)

1,199.00/ 1 kg

Net weight1 g
After Cut

27-32% Less

No. of Pieces


Size of Fish

250 gm (approx)

These prawns are the pride of Bengalis. Offered to you whole, get the most of their remarkably sweet flavor and firm and tender texture. A must-try for prawn lovers.

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Buy Golda Chingri/Prawn near in Kolkata & Howrah

If you are looking for Golda Chingri (Giant River Prawn) Extra Large-Whole, Deveined & Cleaned (1 Kg) at affordable price, Then you have come to the right place. The giant river prawn or giant freshwater prawn is a commercially important species of freshwater prawn. It is one of the biggest freshwater prawns in the world and is widely cultivated in several countries for food. It can grow to a length of over 30 cm (12 in). They are predominantly brownish in color but can vary. Smaller individuals may be greenish in color and display faint vertical stripes.
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Disclaimer: Kolkata Fish, the online Fish store serves Fresh Water fishes as well as seafood with premium quality Prawns which is ‘As good as Live’ with all the goodness of nutrients stored in it. Unlike flesh/meat which may be processed in the shop you buy, or from the nearest Slaughter house, Fish in reality, comes to you from various locations along the coasts, as in all over West Bengal, Kolkata, Howrah etc. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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