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Kajoli/Kajli/Baspata Fish (Small) – Whole, Gutted & Cleaned (250 gms)

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Freshwater, slimy, small-sized fish are known as “Kajoli Fish,” “Kajli Fish,” or “Kajuli Fish.” Its body is flat and narrow, and it just has one bone. It has a bamboo leaf appearance. It is a true Bengali delicacy and, unsurprisingly, a staple in every Bengali household. This fish can be prepared in a variety of ways, and each method yields delicious results.

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Buy Kajoli/Kajli Fish Online near in Kolkata & Howrah

We provide 100% fresh Kajoli/Kajli/Baspata Fish (Small) – Whole, Gutted & Cleaned (250 gms) at affordable cost nearby you. Catfish such as the Pabda fish are an excellent source of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, all of which are essential nutrients for growing children, pregnant women and elderly people. In recent years, overfishing, habitat losses, and the rampant use of pesticides have drastically reduced the population of Pabda fish, which is widely found in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal.
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Disclaimer: Kolkata Fish, the online Fish store serves Fresh Water fishes as well as seafood with premium quality Prawns which is ‘As good as Live’ with all the goodness of nutrients stored in it. Unlike flesh/meat which may be processed in the shop you buy, or from the nearest Slaughter house, Fish in reality, comes to you from various locations along the coasts, as in all over West Bengal, Kolkata, Howrah etc. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.


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