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Goat Curry Cut – Medium Pcs – (Rewaji) (500 gm)

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Rich Goat Curry Cut contains succulent pieces of goat meat with a firm, juicy texture and rich flavour. Relish bite-sized cuts of protein-rich goat meat on the bone from the ribs, shoulder and loins. Ideal for both, classic and contemporary dishes, you can use rich goat meat for decadent slow-cooked curries, juicy pan-fried or pan-roasted kebabs. Rich cuts of meat will do the trick because fat helps in absorbing the spices, herbs, and other ingredients to create an aromatic, flavourful, and textured base for the gravy. Rich meat cooks best with the low-and-slow method as fat takes time to breakdown, and low heat helps in bringing out all the flavours, avoids over-cooking.

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