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Pomfret (Extra Large)- Whole & Gutted (400 grams)

599.00/ 400 gms

Net weight1 g
Gross Weight

400 gm

After Cut

300-330 gms

No. of Pieces


Size of Fish

390-420 gm

White/Silver Pomfret is widely consumed for its rich taste. Flat body with a small head, this fish one of the most delicious to have due to its delicate white flesh and subtle non-fishy flavor.

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Buy Extra Large Silver/White Pomfret near in Kolkata & Howrah

We provide 100% fresh Pomfret (Extra Large)- Whole & Gutted (400 grams) at affordable cost nearby you. Pomfrets are perciform fish belonging to the family Bramidae. Several species are important food sources for humans. A seawater fish with one single bone. Found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans. Pomfrets have flat bodies and deeply forked tails. The earlier form of the pomfret’s name was “pamflet”, a word which probably ultimately comes from Portuguese pampo. The fish meat is white in color.

It is very low in calories and fat. It is rich in protein which is why it helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also helps to muscles. It contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that supply DHA, components for the development of the brain.
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